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2 to 3-1/2 yrs

Our Baby Ninjas class combines the best of our toddler gymnastics (Peek-a-boo Sports) curriculum with lots of safe climbing, exploring, jumping, and more climbing!  This is a parent-assisted class.


Peek-a-Boo Sports is a well-rounded program that uses imagination and props and incorporates:


  • Spacial Awareness – Peek-a-Boo uses spacial concepts such as around the cone and over the bean bag.•

  • Social Awareness – This is the beginning of understanding interaction with others using imagination ideas such as following directions silently.

  • Positions – Gymnastics positions are taught in a fun way such as flex is your fishing hook (toes pointed up) and pike (straight pointed toes) is “OOPS, the fish just fell off.”

Floor Skills
Age appropriate skills that use your imagination are used such as bunny hops (these increase the strength of the ankle, foot and legs and leads to more advanced tumbling skills)


Tot-sized gymnastics equipment such as bars (smaller bar for a smaller size grip), beam (low to the ground), trampoline (smaller in-ground trampoline with marked center)


Motor Skills
Peek-a-Boo Sports teaches different ways your body can move while increasing coordination and having fun such as bear walks (inverted with hands and feet on the floor and growling). Call now for your FREE tour of our facility. See what exciting colors and learning tools are here to enhance your child’s fitness experience.

School Year Classes 2023-2024

baby ninjas

School Year Classes 

Monday        5:30 pm

Tuesday        5:00 pm

2024 Summer Classes

 Session #1: June 3-July 11 (no classes July 1-4) 
Session #2: July 15-August 15.  2 Convenient 5-week sessions! 

Save 10% when enrolling for both sessions- please call our office when scheduling both sessions so we can apply the discount.

Baby Ninjas

Thursday 6:15-6:45pm

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