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36 months-Preschool

 Daily Schedule

6:30-8:00       Drop off and free play

8:00-9:00       Gross motor indoor play

9:00-9:30       Craft

9:30-10:00      Centers - Dramatic play, manipulatives, reading and language, fine, and gross motor

10:00-10:30     Snack (hand washing)

10:30-11:15      Outdoor play

11:15-11:30       Toileting and hand washing

11:30-12:00      Free Play


12:00-12:30:    Lunch


12:30-3:00     Wisdom Gym Preschool (Tues/Thurs/Fri) on other days we will have them stick to the other  schedule - if they don’t nap we can do quiet time activities or more gross motor time indoor or outdoor, movies, etc)  Please refer to Wisdom Gym page for curriculum information.

3:00-3:30       Quiet reading and puzzle time

3:30-4:00       Snack, toileting, hand washing

4:00-4:30       Outdoor play/Gross motor

4:30-4:45      Creative movement/Music time

4:45-6:00       Free Play and Clean up

Horizon Kids Complex
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