2022 Summer Camps

Ages 4-11 9am-4pm June 14 – August 18

Package Discounts: $252 for 6 camps, $480 for 12 camps, $630 for all 18 camps!

***Please call or stop in for package discounts, as our online registration system cannot calculate these discounts***

Join us each Tuesday & Thursday this summer for an action packed day of activities, crafts, and games related to the day’s theme, plus open gym, morning & afternoon snack, and so much more! Please bring a sack lunch for your child.

June 14 & 16: School’s Out for Summer Camp: Yay!! Summer is here!!!! Get ready for fun!!! Just think: no homework, no tests, just fun!!! In this camp we are going to run, jump, and play. We may get messy, a little dirty, and a bit wet, but we will definitely have a blast playing games, experimenting, and creating fun memories. If you’re the type of kid that likes fun, sun, and a mess here and there, then this camp is for you. Join us as we celebrate everything SUMMER!!!!

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June 12 & 23: Amazing Race Camp: Campers will be assigned to teams– there will be clues provided as we ‘race around the world!’. Watch out for detours and roadblocks, just like in the TV show! Campers will be given silly tasks to complete such as learning a funny dance or making up their own team song. Can you solve all of the clues and make it to the finish line? Online Registration

June 28 & 30: Gymnastics Camp: This camp is perfect for any child who is interested in the sport of GYMNASTICS! We will start the day with warm-ups and high-cardio conditioning activities. Campers will get to enhance their current skills and/or learn new skills. This camp will help develop strength and flexibility as well as the many life lessons that can be learned from the sport of gymnastics (confidence, leadership, motivation, team work and goal setting) Online Registration

July 12 & 14: Blow it up Camp: Attention all mad scientists: We will be blowing things up this week!!! We have a long list of explosive experiments to try out and we need your help! We will try our hand at making exploding dinosaur mud, erupting sidewalk paint, elephant toothpaste, bubble bombs, soda geysers, alka seltzer rockets, and so much more! Let’s get a little messy and have a whole lot of fun!

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July 19 & 21: Ninja Warrior Camp: Are you ready for Ninja Warrior Training Camp? Campers are going to test their balance, endurance, strength and more as we take them through different tasks and obstacle courses. Each day campers will work as individuals and also in teams to pass different tests and courses. Horizon has ninja warrior training equipment that is dedicated solely to our warriors. From ropes to a warped wall, there is something to help each warrior feel the empowerment of athletics. Horizon also has tons of additional equipment to make our warriors soar with our foam pits, beams, tumble tracks, ropes, bars, oversized mats and spotting blocks. Campers are guaranteed to climb into fun and face great challenges at our Warrior Training Camp. Online Registration

July 26 & 28: Extreme Games Camp: : Get ready for some fun this week! We will be taking common games such as tag, hide & seek, capture the flag, jump rope, and 4 square (to name a few), and adding an ‘extreme’ twist. These twists could include water, slime, blindfolds, or other secret elements– things could get a little messy around here! You won’t want to miss out on the fun!!!.

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August 2 & 4: Break Dance & Hip Hop Camp: : Hip Hop & Break Dance Camp is fun, high energy, and upbeat! Your young dancer will begin the day with a thorough warm up taught to fast, bass pumping music, then learn today’s HOTTEST dance style. Dancers learn to isolate their bodies with control, precision, and rhythm. Campers will learn several elements of breakdancing, including "toprock", "downrock", "power moves", and "freezes", and will have the opportunity to choreograph their own moves and are encouraged to freestyle and just groove to the music. All music and choreography will be age appropriate.

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August 9 & 11: World of Building Camp: Come ready for many building challenges this week! We will be using many different items to complete the building challenges: toothpicks, straws, play dough, fun noodles, foam blocks, LEGOS, and more! There will be miniature sized projects all the way up to ginormous sized projects. Who can build the biggest fort? Who can build the tiniest bridge? Let’s have some fun this week!. Online Registration

August 16 & 18: Action Packed Play Camp: Action Packed Play Camp is designed for the child that just wants to play. Campers will get to spend time at different stations throughout camp that will allow them the freedom to explore at their own pace. There will be game stations, arts and craft stations, painting stations, group games, and activities, just to name a few. We want to bring the “play” back into summer. All campers will get to do just that – “play” in a fun, safe environment and make new friends along the way. What better way to spend a summer day than getting to “play with friends”? Please make sure to send your child with a change of clothes in case they decide to get a little messy.

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