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Fun Nights 2022-2023

Imagine going on a guilt-free date, knowing that your children will be having a BLAST at a Horizon fun night that is jammed-packed with games, activities, crafts, open gym, and pizza! Fun nights are Saturday nights from 6-9pm, for ages 4-11, and are $22 per child. Check out the awesome themes below!

National Gymnastics Day Extravaganza - September 17

National gymnastics day is September 19, and what better way to celebrate it, than to have an entire evening dedicated to gymnastics! We will be working together in teams doing relay races, trying out different events like bars, beam, and tramps, and cheering each other on along the way! This is an evening full of fun for all ages, and we cannot wait to see you there! online registration

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Monster Mash – October 22

Candy Corn stacking, spider races, mummy wrap, and vampire marshmallow chomping are just a few of the games we will be playing! We will also have a candy hunt & costume contest, so be sure to bring your favorite costume! Witch pitch, ghost balloon pop, mouthfuls of dirt, and popcorn races will also be happening! Don’t miss this night of fun!  online registration

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Glow in the Dark Party – November 19

9 Be sure to come dressed in neon colors!!! We will try our hand at glow bowling and glow ring toss, as well as have a glowing bubble dance party! We will be creating a gigantic glow mural and lots of other glow in the dark surprises! We will be sure to turn the lights on for free time & pizza!

online registration

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Elf on the Shelf – December 17

Santa sent Elfie to bring some festive holiday cheer! He’ll be watching over you and reporting back about it, too! We will be playing games of I Spy, and working our way through a scavenger hunt with clues from Elfie himself! Also, sweet Mrs. Clause is baking sugar cookies for the kids to decorate!

online registration

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Foam Blasters – January 21

Your child’s excitement will not be contained during our Foam Blasters extravaganza: featuring tactical training, team building games, target practice, and adventures through our geometric maze. Participants will get to work in teams and as individuals to help enhance their training skills. We will be using mats that allow the kids to create the ultimate forts and hideouts. Please bring your favorite blaster to camp- we will provide Nerf bullets.

online registration


Ninja Warrior – February 18

Come and try your hand at our ANW inspired obstacle course! We will be practicing our speed and agility through the obstacle course, developing our endurance in the Bounce House, AeroBall, and relay races, and building our strength through rope climbs and foam pit races! You won’t want to miss this high energy, fun filled night

online registration

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St. Patty’s Day Celebration - March 18

- Does your child love scavenger hunts? If so, this is the night for them! There will be scavenger hunts to find the leprechaun, st patty’s bingo, and pin the gold on the rainbow! Wear all your green gear, and get ready for a night full of fun!

online registration

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Sports Night– April 2

- It’s time to test out a variety of sports on this fun-filled night! We will have bowling, ninja courses, jump roping, and a big dance party! Kids will get the chance to try everything out, while learning to work as a team, and encourage each other along the way. Bring your favorite sports gear, and we will see you there!

online registration

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