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Cheer Tumbling:
This program is designed to help athletes, junior high through high school, prepare for cheerleading tryouts, upcoming events, or just to improve overall fitness and readiness for the sport of cheer.  The main focus in this one-hour long class is to safely progress each athlete at their own pace.  Our experienced and educated cheer staff will challenge each athlete to grow in strength and gain new skills needed to be a successful cheerleader.  Take advantage of our back handspring machines, 3 in-ground trampolines, tumble track, rod floor, foam pit, and bungee system.













Cheer Power & Cheer Bears:
This fun and active program was developed to give younger athletes (4-11) a taste of what it’s like to be a cheerleader.  Athletes will develop key tools and skills to help them better understand the sport of cheer.  They will learn cheer routines, stunting, and also work on tumbling necessary for cheerleading.  It’s a great opportunity to teach your child important leadership skills and to encourage teamwork.


Cheer Squad Training:
Horizon is proud to open our doors and facility to cheer squads from throughout the local community.  Many squads need a place with a qualified coach with a background in gymnastics to help teach the tumbling skills necessary for the sport.  Our coaches are educated and specialize in tumbling and gymnastics and work closely with the cheer coaches to maximize and focus on specific needs.  Cheer squads can come in and focus on the safe and proper way to execute tumbling skills in a fun and challenging setting.  Horizon has all of the equipment necessary to teach these new skills.  Come in and try out our 3 in-ground trampolines, foam pit, tumble track, rod floor, and bungee system. We will work with each squad and the school's coach to set up a specific day and time for you to attend.

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