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AGES  4 - to 51/2


Lil’ Ninjas is the entry level to all new sports discipline inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training and street dance.


Lil’ Ninjas embodies discipline, focused energy, and skill. Children learn combinations of flips, rolls, jumps, & kicks in combination with strength & agility courses.


Lil’ Ninjas serves as preparation for entry into the progressive level Horizon Ninja system which begins at age 5-1/2.

Dress Code: Black shirt & black shorts

School Year Classes 2023-2024

Monday       6:30 pm

Tuesday       4:30 pm

Tuesday       4:45 pm

Tuesday       5:30 pm

Wednesday  5:30 pm

Wednesday  6:15 pm

Little Ninjas, Horizon Kids Complex

2023 Summer Classes

Save 10% if you sign up for both sessions!
June 5-July 13 (no classes July 3-6) and July 17-August 17

Lil Ninjas

Monday         6:00 pm

Thursday        5:00 pm

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