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Teams – Many State & National Champions!

Our competitive teams compete in a lesser known, but extremely cool part of gymnastics, which is tumbling and trampoline.  While this sport is not new, it is gaining popularity, as trampoline is now in the Olympics.  The sport of trampoline and tumbling (T&T) requires less practice time than artistic gymnastics, due to the fact that there are fewer events (In artistic gymnastics, girls have 4 events and boys have 6 events).  Less time in the gym allows the children to pursue other activities, which we believe is very important.


We have two levels in our team program: Pre-Team & USTA Team.  Both of these teams require an invitation to join but are for all skill levels.  We believe that children of every skill level should be given the opportunity to compete in this awesome sport!  Our Pre-Team does not travel for meets.  Meets are held inside the gym, and the children only compete against each other.  This option is perfect for children that do not enjoy the pressure of competition, and also for children in their first year on a team.


Our USTA team travels to meets within the state, as well as to meets in neighboring states.  There is also a National Championship meet in the summer, which the children must qualify to attend.

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